Nell Koneczny

Class of 2014
College of Arts & Science
Hometown: Maryville, TN
Polish and Proud. :)
Me (left) with my parents at a tavern in a small town
outside of Zakopane, Poland this past December.
Don't like to read a lot? I tend to ramble, so here's a short version!
My name's Nell. I am super Polish, which has affected many of my ideas. I love my majors, and I love papers. I am quite musical, thanks to my parents. I adore to travel, and I have been fortunate enough to travel around the USA and the world. I enjoy to cook, but prefer to bake. Baked goods make people smile, and I make a mean scone. My friends and family are super important to me, and I am incredibly grateful for them. I am a nerd in quite a few aspects. Computers are pretty cool. If you want anyone to talk to or hang out with, I am more than happy to be a new friend. :) So, I hope to meet you and hope you enjoy this blog! Cześć! (Informal bye, in Polish!)

Now, here's the real deal. 
Cześć! Also, informal hi! In Polish! :) As you may have figured, my name is Nell Koneczny. You probably can't pronounce it, but here you go: (koh-netch-nih). Give it a try! Anyways, if you look at that picture, I look like a normal-sized person. But just so you know, I'm not. I'm actually super short, and my parents are short too. You may also notice me clutching that cane, and yes, I do use that cane while walking around campus! Not only that, but you might see me zooming by you on my silver, electric trike.

Onto more important things. I am quite Polish; both of my parents were born and raised in Poland, and I have traveled (and lived for short periods of time) in Poland multiple times throughout my short life. The culture in which I was raised has greatly affected my point of view on life, and you may notice that on this blog, and you probably will notice that if you ever talk to me.

So, what do I do outside of studying for classes (like a good Vandy student)? I am a huge music person. Both of my parents are musicians, so I grew up in a very musical household. My dad plays accordion, my mom is a piano teacher, and I just... do whatever I can. I've learned how to play piano, accordion, flute, french horn, mellophone (marching equivalent of french horn), and sing. I'm currently taking voice lessons, and in fact, hopefully, I will march one show this semester with Spirit of Gold! 

As for classes... To be honest, I sometimes get a bit obsessive about school, particularly when I have an amazing opportunity to write some super cool paper. My courses are a way for me to embrace the European culture I adore and also to learn more about the world and the huge variety of people and ideas in it. I love to travel. Everywhere possible, really. I've been to a lot of the states and a few countries.

Om nom nom. Delicious cream
peanut butter pie I once made.
When I am not being Polish, music-ing, studying, or traveling, I love to cook and bake. Really love to bake. I actually know how to make an awesome scone. Of multiple kinds. And I spend a lot of time hanging out with friends and my family (as much as I can). Besides that, I spend time on the internet (again to keep up with friends). I know a lot of nifty computer tricks. I consider myself a proud nerd of many things. My room's walls are covered wall-to-wall.

Anyways, I hope that you enjoy my blogging and that you swing by our blog a few times! :) You may also have noticed I love to talk, so if you want to talk to anyone, please do not hesitate! You can find me on People Finder and email me anything. (Come on, we all know People Finder is the best source for a Vandy student. Let's not lie to ourselves.)


Organizations you might read about in my ramblings!
Just in case you want to see what I've written!

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