Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Time for some THEATRE!

Hey everyone! Nell here! Looks like we have a super busy weekend coming up, and you really ought to take advantage of it before this month gets too crazy with final projects, papers, and exams!

So let's go through at least a small bit of your options!

First off: Juggleville 008: Gravity Protocol!
Juggleville 008: Gravity ProtocolIt's going to be an amaaazing show this year, with one of our own being one of the super involved participants, Jacob! Yaaay! There are two showing times available for the weekend (so don't miss out!):

  • Friday, April 5th at 8 pm in Langford Auditorium
  • Saturday, April 6th at 2 pm in Langford Auditorium
(It's italicized because it is a change of venue from last year!) So anyways, if you're in the mood for spies and sneakiness, plus amazingly talented individuals, go! It's only $7 too! 

And if you want to know what I will be doing this weekend, well... I am going to see the absolute most amazing movie ever in theaters for its 20 year anniversaryJurassic Park in 3D!!!!!
In case you haven't noticed. I am. Incredibly. Excited. Like. You cannot imagine my excitement. I am a huge dinosaur lover (in case you didn't notice that from a few weekends ago). And well, this is such a classic. How could I possibly miss out?
In case you don't know, it's opening on Friday, April 5th. If you want to go, you can go see it in 3D in either Green Hills or at Opry Mills (if you're in Nashville). OOOOOR. You can do what we're doing. We're going to see it in IMAX at Opry Mills! Such an awesome opportunity. Look!

All right. I'll quit fangirling now. Moving on to other opportunities. Lots of live performance shows will be going on this weekend! These include:

Vanderbilt Off-Broadway's wonderful Spring Awakening! The people involved are amazingly talented, so they won't let you down! Best of all, for students, it's free! And on campus! So now you have no reason to ignore it. If you are curious it will be taking place at these times:

  • Thursday, April 4th at 8 pm in Sarratt Cinema
  • Friday, April 5th at 8 pm in Sarratt Cinema
  • Saturday, April 6th at 8 pm in Sarratt Cinema
So lots of options! Don't miss out!

Not only that, but Vanderbilt University's Theatre will be presenting W;t! Which is about a professor. Check out their Facebook for more info about the play! They have a lot of options for you, including next weekend if this weekend is a bit overwhelming! But here are this weekends times:
  • Friday, April 5th at 8 pm in Neely Auditorium
  • Saturday, April 6th at 8 pm in Neely Auditorium
  • Sunday, April 7th at 2 pm in Neely Auditorium

Just in case you can't get enough theater, and you like to explore more than the Vandy Bubble, Belmont theatre will also be having a show this weekend! Belmont Senior Capstone in Rep - The Flies, directed by a senior at Belmont (pretty cool, eh?) So, times!
  • Thursday, April 4th at 7:30 pm in Belmont's Blackbox Theatre 
  • Friday, April 5th at 7:30 pm in Belmont's Black Box Theatre
  • Saturday, April 6th at 7:30 pm in Belmont's Black Box Theatre
  • Sunday, April 7th at 2 pm in Belmont's Black Box Threatre
You can join me at the 2 pm one on Sunday! I have a friend there, so I'm excited to go see them!

Now, as you see, a lot of these times are severely overlapping. Therefore, plan well, my friends, and you will have the most epic, theatrical weekend ever.
And it will be very well worth seeing all of the wonderful talent our generation has.

Good luck for the rest of the week, everyone!

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