Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cats and Babies and Terrible Movies (And lots and lots of finals)

Hellooooooo Vanderbilt! This is Rachael, with my last blog post of the year.

I had the most exciting weekend ever! Not really though. See, I had pneumonia in the two weeks leading up to finals. And then finals came, and I ended up having final papers in all five of my classes, as well as two in-class finals, and an exam and a take-home essay exam I missed while I was sick. So that was my week and my weekend. The most exciting thing that happened to me this weekend was accidentally sending some really weird emails to some of my professors as I was turning in assignments late, begging them for pity.

Oh wait, I did find this treasure. Cat in a shark costume chases a duck while riding a Roomba. I honestly think this might be the best thing that has ever happened to the internet.

Other than finding this video, I did take a study break on Saturday night to go to dinner and watch a movie. Dinner was wonderful, but the movie was pretty disappointing. I had heard of Mystery Science Theater 3000 before, and I had heard that it was kind of funny, but it was actually just really stupid. If you've never heard of this series before, it's about this guy who is forced to watch really bad movies, so he sits and makes fun of them with his robot friends. Like, that's the show. Most of the screen is taken up by an actual movie, but there are silhouettes of the guy and the robots sitting and watching the movie in the foreground, and their stupid commentary is playing over the sound of the movie. There are also random interludes where the guy interacts with his robot friends. These scenes are obviously meant to be funny, but they just aren't. I literally fell asleep while watching this movie. I would have been more entertained if I had been working on a final paper.

We watched "I Accuse my Parents." DO NOT RECOMMEND.

On a happier note, in addition to the shark/cat/Roomba/duckling video, I also rediscovered this. Try and watch it without smiling, I dare you.

Other than being really stressed out about finals, I'm getting really excited for the summer! I am leaving for Greece in six days for a Maymester about Greek religion which is going to be OFF THE CHAIN AWESOME. After that, who knows? I haven't finalized any internship plans yet, unfortunately. Maybe I'll go home and see my cat!

I miss her so much!!

Anyways, good luck on finals, if you aren’t finished yet, and have a great summer! Good luck in life to all the seniors who are graduating! XOXO

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