Thursday, April 18, 2013

Luke's last post

Hi! Luke here with his final blog post of the academic year. If you're not attending Rites of Spring this weekend ('cuz you're cool like me), here are some alternative events that you may consider:

Friday, April 19th

School of Engineering Design Day
3-5pm @ Adams Atrium (Featheringill Hall)

-- There will be 60+ projects by senior engineering students on display. If you attend this event, you can brag to your friends that you're smarter than them.

"Going Global: Ensuring Operational Excellence in the Americas"
6-7pm @ Loews Vanderbilt Hotel Nashville

-- Panelists include Sergio Corbo and Mario Ramos. Cost is free, but be sure to register here.

Blair Big Band: "Swing into Spring"
8-9:30pm @ Ingram Hall (Blair School of Music)

Saturday, April 20th

Huebl Studio Recital
7:30-9:30pm @ Turner Recital Hall (Blair School of Music)

-- Featuring violin students of Professor Carolyn Huebl.

Signature Series: The Annual Appalachian Celebration
8-9:30pm @ Ingram Hall (Blair School of Music)

-- Headlined by Elizabeth Cook.

Sunday, April 21st

Victory's Spring Concert!
2:30-3:30pm @ Sarratt Cinema

-- I'll let this event's official description speak for itself: "We'll be singing anything and everything, from a classic hymn set to Final Fantasy, to Linkin Park, to even Veggie Tales."

Vanderbilt Steel Drum Bands
7-8:30pm @ Ingram Hall (Blair School of Music)

-- No explanation needed.

The Melodores Present: Meloroo 2013
8-10pm @ Sarratt Cinema

-- In case you've been living under a rock for the past few semesters:

To all readers of this blog: it's been an honor for me to contribute to this blog's content, and I offer my sincerest thanks for reading. Good luck on finals and stay classy!

Like my good pal Vince Vaughn.

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