Katie Krog

ANIMAL is the greatest character
of all time, just fyi
Hiya, there! If you've made it to this page, you've most likely read at least part of our blog, so thank you!

My name is Katie Krog, and I am a junior at Vanderbilt. I am majoring in Spanish with a minor in neuroscience.

I love God, my family, my friends, and my cat (in that order).

I am a Catholic and a member of University Catholic (formerly known as Vanderbilt Catholic), where I have participated in choir and Awakening retreats and so much more for the last 2+ years.

I also love ASB and Camp Kesem! I manage Camp Kesem Vanderbilt's website, so you should check out the link in that last sentence. Also, I am more than happy to speak with anybody about any of my organizations, so let me know if you want to get involved!

Last, and probably least, I blog about random happenings (such as the amputation of my right leg this summer), so if you are bored and want to laugh (or you're suddenly curious to check out my blog because I mentioned the word "amputation," visit my blog about Boredom!

As my thank you gift for visiting our little corner of the blogosphere, here is a video of a parrot singing "I Kissed a Girl":

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