Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Two C's: Chili's & Chocolate!

Hey, Hey Vanderbilt community! Lindsey Franklyn here.

I had a particularly wonderful (and exciting) weekend with my Mayfield members last Friday and Saturday night.

First, the magnificent hunt for food! Bit of a bummer, this one. Some of my best friends (Sam, Linda, and Nell) planned to go to Satay, but there was a bit of a card malfunction that kept us from tasting some delicious Thai food. (Really, though, Satay is amazing, and I recommend it to everyone during finals).

After spending several minutes skillfully arguing and making a series of strategic calls to nearby restaurants (courtesy of call star, Sam Cubbage), we finally decided on every Vandy student's favorite (or most convenient) restaurant...Chili's!

Where there was no shortage of other Vanderbilt students.

Second, chocolate scrabble!

I'm not a fan of Scrabble. Most of my roommates are not either; however, everyone is a fan of anything so long as it involved chocolate.

Even if it involves spelling...

And I did pretty darn well. My personal highlight was spelling czar, getting a triplet letter score on the letter "Z", and then getting some other points for adding a c onto a different letter. It almost catapulted me into first place.

Catapulted me into second place! At the end, we all shared the winner's chocolate, which is the "number 1" chocolate in the picture above. Good times were had.

Lastlymore chocolate! As if there's ever enough chocolate with only a final week of classes yet.

Once again, I had a wonderful time with some of my Mayfield members. On Saturday night, we melted chocolate using a makeshift double boiler (something I've never successively used), and then we dipped bananas, cookie dough, frozen bananas, and pineapples into the melted chocolate.

Word to the wise. Pineapples and chocolate (although delicious) don't mix quite as well as one would hope. But hot chocolate and melted chocolate definitely does!

Unfortunately, this will be my last post on our Defying Gravity page. Thanks for sticking with me, and I wish you a lot of luck on your finals!

Get in, we're going to wreck finals now. 

And keep reading for the other blog posts, of course. We've got some great people in our Mayfield ready to share their finals experience with y'all :)

A more realistic representation of me during finals.

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