Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend!

HEY! It's Rachael! Want to hear about my weekend? Excellent! Here goes:

I had a pretty eventful and awesome weekend! It started out Friday evening with a Tenebrae Good Friday service at Midtown church. I had never been to one before, and it was pretty neat. Basically, everyone walked silently into the church which was completely dark other than the light from 15 candles. There was a series of readings from the Gospels and songs, and after each reading a candle was blown out. The service ended with the death of Christ and the extinguishing of the last candle, after which everyone left, again in complete silence.

No, it wasn't a bunny blowing out the candles.

After dinner, we then went on to see Secret Church, hosted by the BCM. Secret Church is a really awesome live-broadcast 6-or-so hour sermon given by David Platt, which has a different topic every time while also raising awareness for people in countries where Christians are persecuted. This time’s topic was “Heaven, Hell, and the End of the World,” and David Platt did a pretty great job of giving an exhaustively-researched and spiritually-relevant talk.

To wrap up my Easter-related activities for the weekend, I went to church Sunday morning. And since a lot of non-religious people will be reading this blog, I’ll keep my musings on the subject to a simple: He is risen! Also speaking of Easter, I think this was my favorite Easter meme I came across this year:

I also did a lot of other things! One of those things was going shopping for BYX formal next weekend, which I’m super excited for! I probably shouldn’t have put off doing things for it until the week before, because now I somehow have to find time to paint a cooler while doing all of my schoolwork and getting enough sleep. I also have to find somewhere to paint it, since Vanderbilt has banned all cooler-painting-related activities from campus.

Maybe I’ll just go to GREECE!! (I’m really excited about Maymester, guys.)

I also went to a really great concert at Mercy Lounge on Saturday. I was mainly going to see House of Heroes –they were awesome!! – but the other three bands playing – The Rouge, Modoc, and Tesla Rossa – were also pretty good. I especially enjoyed Modoc and Tesla Rossa, and I highly recommend you check out their music online, as well as the music of House of Heroes. It was a really fun concert, and I assure you that I am quite adept at head-banging.

And, as always, I closed my weekend out with an exhausting night at Pi and Leaf. I sincerely apologize to everyone who came at the end of the night when we literally completely ran out of lettuce…

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! Here’s a picture of my cat.

She’s turning 8 years old tomorrow!!!!!

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