Lindsey Franklyn

Hello, my name is Lindsey Franklyn! Welcome to our Mayfield's blog, Defying Gravity! Let me take a moment to thank you guys for making it this far. (As someone who spent at least thirty minutes trying to update this page for our upcoming blog posts, I know how confusing blogger & blogspot can be). I hope you all have a wonderful time reading our blog and getting to know us; I can't wait to get to know you.

That's me up there. Happy to see all of you here!

Like I said before, though, my name is Lindsey Franklyn. I'm a junior at Vanderbilt University. Right now, I major in Chemistry, but (fortunately), that's not my only interest in life. I love meeting new people, having debates, and spreading new ideas by talking to new people. Nothing makes me happier than having a good conversation with someone, so don't be surprise if I talk (or type) your ear off in some of these posts! On the weekends, I enjoy swinging by to see our 'Dores play in the football games. (Anchor Down, anyone?) I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and catching some movies with the Mayfield on Friday nights.

Again, welcome to our blog, and thanks for coming! I hope to see you reading many more of our blog posts! 

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