Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What Week is It?


Hi! It's Nell! I'll explain Game Week in a second. :) For now, I'll let you know what Mayfield 2 will be doing on Friday night! As my fellow housemate mentioned Sunday, this Sunday, Luke will be playing with the orchestra at Blair in Ingram Hall. The concert will start at 8 pm! We've gone to a lot of these concerts, and they are always a treat.

Afterwards, we will be returning to our Mayfield to watch a movie together. There will be popcorn for anyone who wants to join in. The movie we are watching is a Polish Christmas movie called Listy do M. (Letters to S.) that came out last year. Yes, that was my pick. :) There will be subtitles, no worries! So please stop by our safe haven if you want something fun to do. It'll probably start around 10 or 10:30 pm, depending on the time the concert ends (estimated around 10).

GAME WEEK! Being the manager of the Spirit of Gold Marching Band, a lot of my time during the week is dedicated to sitting in the band office and helping out behind the scenes. It's been getting busy, but this week is an important one, because there is a football game on Saturday at Vandy! This week, we will be playing against Presbyterian College at 11:30 AM! (Morning games are nice.) If you feel like tailgating by the stadium, and if you want to see the team going into the stadium, the parade at Star Walk begins at 10:00 AM. No matter when you start your Game Day, you should go to the game and stay to watch the halftime shown! :D What are we performing? Well, you can come and see!

Those are the things I know for sure I'll be going to. I wish I could go to the movie that the Russian Film Series will be showing in Buttrick 102. It is called The Diamond Arm. It will be in Russian, so this weekend is perfect if you love international movies, so it seems! It's a comedy, and they'll be starting the movie at 7 pm! I'd go if I could.
One other thing! Shakespeare in the Park is still going on this weekend! It's Much Ado About Nothing, and it starts at 7:30 pm, but there is some pre-show stuff going on at 6:30 pm. I might go this Saturday, and you should go if you haven't had the chance yet! It's still in Centennial Park, so why not give it a whirl?

Also, all of these events are free! Well, the football game is free for students, at least. I hope to see you there, or in our Mayfield! Nell logging out.

EDIT: There also seems to be a Tongue 'n' Cheek show going on tonight! What's Tongue 'n' Cheek? Well, they are our lovely comedic improv troupe on campus, and yes, they are wonderful! The show is free, at 7:30 pm tonight (Friday, 14 September). And as always, they are indeed performing at Sarratt Cinema!

Therefore, lots and lots of choices! Good luck!

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