Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mob War!

Hey hey hey! This is Linda posting.
Guess what we did this weekend!
It's when we deal with our mayfield family business through roast and hunger-game-violence.

If you don't know what that is, you're missing out. Basically, it's a card game where every player represents a gang and plays cards to kill members of other gangs. Mob war! Also, you can save people from other gangs or your own people and stuff.
It was a great game. Muffin tradition.
Some of my roommates like to be rational and play the game fair...
Yesterday a lot of people chose to pass their turns by burning a card that subject gansters to mob war. Bobby is the nice guy in this game. He would not kill anyone; he would play cards to save other gangsters, so people would feel bad killing his people. I'd say that Nell, Lindsey and John also do that sometimes. Luke is kind of the pro who introduced us to this game. And I'm the mean one.
And I love it.
Downside: everyone wants to kill you off and no one would save your people.
Meh. It was fun!
We love card games. Can't wait to play CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY next time! 
It's another cathartic game that allows us to insult one another, as well as the world.

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