Sunday, September 16, 2012

What you (might have) missed this weekend

Howdy, strangers!

Katie here.

This week has been a crazy one for me, what with resigning from The Hustler and contracting bronchitis, but I still managed to have a lot of fun this weekend.

On Friday, we went to the Vanderbilt Orchestra and Vanderbilt Wind Symphony joint concert, and it was absolutely heavenly. 

I had never actually gone to one of these concerts before, and I really now regret not having gone sooner. I'm not very musically adept, but I really enjoyed this concert. You should definitely try to make it to one if you never have. 

After the concert, we watched a Polish movie called "Letters to Santa" (actually, it called something in Polish, but that is the English translation). The movie follows the lives of different families and individuals as their paths intertwine on Christmas Eve, and I highly recommend it. This next weekend, I will be choosing the Friday movie, so make sure to stop by our Mayfield if you're free on Friday night. More information about that will be available in the Wednesday blog post.

On Saturday, one of my best friends came in town, so I spent the afternoon showing her around downtown Nashville. If you want some of the best food you've ever eaten (and at an affordable price), check out Demos' Steak and Spaghetti House. 

Also on Saturday, I finally got a chance to catch up on two of my favorite TV shows, Suits and Dr. Who. I won't ruin the episodes for anyone who hasn't seen them, but you should really watch them! They're awesome. How I Met Your Mother and Once Upon a Time start back later this month, so be sure to check those out as well.

Today, I worked on homework, but I also attended Mass at the Cathedral of the Incarnation and afterwards went to Sunday Supper at the Frassatti House, home of University Catholic. Sunday Supper is always open to anyone, regardless of religious belief, so feel free to stop by and eat with us between 6 and 7:30 p.m. on Sunday evenings. 

In a few minutes, I'm headed out to a Midnight Worship birthday party. For anyone who doesn't know, Midnight Worship is a Christian worship group who meets on the steps of Wyatt on Tuesday nights at 11:30 (yes, I know, not quite midnight) to sing songs and pray. Anyone is welcome to join! 

Well, that's my weekend in a rather large nutshell. Until next time, goodnight, everybody!

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