Sunday, September 9, 2012

Meet the Crew

Welcome to Mayfield 2's lovely blog! 

For those of you who may not know what a Mayfield is: Mayfields are Living Learning Communities at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Ten people share one house and work on a year-long project together. This project can be absolutely anything, from helping children learn how to read, to learning about cultures and foods around the world, to raising awareness of a religion, and so on!

Our project focuses on the atypical student at Vanderbilt. We are Defying Gravity: Challenging the Vandy Stereotype. We want our fellow students to recognize the large variety of activities one can be involved in, and more importantly, to understand that there are other people who want to meet them and learn about who they truly are. Sometimes, students become overwhelmed by choices across campus or the new lifestyle college brings. At other times, they simply do not feel comfortable. We are here to show that no matter who you are, you do belong. You do not have to change.

This blog will discuss specifically what social life at Vanderbilt is like. We want to bring awareness to alcohol-free events. Every Wednesday, one member from our group will talk about what there is to do on campus this weekend. More importantly, they will be sharing what Mayfield 2 will be doing over the weekend so that people who may want a safe haven can join! Every Sunday, another member will reflect upon the weekend. 

Who are we? For one, we are all in the Class of 2014. Besides that, though, our interests, classes, and backgrounds are completely different from one another, although there are five Tennesseans among us. As for the rest, why don't you find out? :)
  • Samantha Cubbage - I'm a political science and secondary education major. Someday, I'll revolutionize the public education system, but for right now, I happily work part-time at a call center. When I'm not studying or raising money for Vanderbilt, I'm probably reading, eating an oreo-pudding parfait, or catching up with a friend. If it's a really good day, I'm doing all three.
  • Lindsey Franklyn - I'm from Murfreesboro, TN, which is thirty minutes east away from Nashville. I am a Chemistry major on the pre-med path. I'm very engaged in my Catholic faith and enjoy discussing it with others. 
  • Rachael Honigfort - You won't actually be hearing from me this semester because I am in France, but I am tall and from St. Louis. I love cats, reading, and traveling, and I throw a mean backhand on Vanderbilt's women's ultimate frisbee team, Vudu.
  • Bryce Hostetler - I'm from a small town in Arkansas called Berryville.  To my great surprise, there are actually people who have heard of it before.  I am majoring in Religious Studies and am amazed how ignorant I was--and how ignorant I still am.  I love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and would like to reach black belt level in it.  Other than that, I'm a pretty laid-back guy.
  • Nell Koneczny - I grew up three hours east of Nashville in a Polish household in little Maryville, TN. Due to my absolute fascination with culture, I am an anthropology and European studies double major who intends to become a Holocaust professor. Aside from that, I love to be nerdy, and music is my other life. :)
  • Katie Krog - The middle child in a typically large Irish Catholic family, I was born and raised in Memphis, TN. I discovered my passion for writing through my fight with cancer at the age of nine, and I now manage the news section of The Vanderbilt Hustler and blog when I'm not studying Spanish or Neuroscience. 
  • Jacob Lamberth - From a small town just north of Nashville, your typical Jacob can be found spending his free time pondering the great mysteries of the world via the written word.  He can also be found doing far less pretentious things, such as fencing (saber, for those in the know), juggling, and otherwise causing smiles across campus for those patient enough to put up with his antics. 
  • Luke Miksanek - I'm from Rochester, MN. As a violinist, I'm majoring in Musical Arts at the Blair School of Music. But despite this, I love looking for new things to do all around campus.
  • Xaralambos Papadatos - Hailing from the oft spoken land of myth and mystery known as The Bronx, New York, I am the sole inhabitant of this Mayfield currently in the School of Engineering (The Lone Range-ineer?). I read comic books, preferably anything involving The Question and play video games in my spare time, but I'm also a member of a couple of martial art clubs here at Vanderbilt. 
  • John Sims-Jones - I live about an hour northwest from here in Clarksville, TN.  I'm an anthropology and Spanish double major.  I'm really into music, especially 90's alternative rock (like Local H, which you should check out).  I play guitar and sing in a band about zombies called the Resistance House Band.  Other things I like include soccer, comic books, Dilbert, Zelda, and running.
  • Linda Sun - My name is Linda and I'm not cool like my housemates. Just kidding, I am. I'm from Hong Kong, and I've lived in quite a few different places growing up. I'm a Child Studies and Special Ed major. Learning disabilities and Emotional-Behavioral disorders fascinate me. I want to go into psychology and work with 'troubled kids'. I have good comedic timing, by the way.

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