Thursday, January 31, 2013

An exciting upcoming weekend!

Hey there guys! It's Nell again! :) Long time no see!

As you might know, quite an exciting weekend is coming up soon! You see, this Friday, you better go to the Commons Ball, from 9:00 pm to midnight. Every year, the Commons completely changes its appearance into something extravagant and fun and amazing. You get to dress up and enjoy wonderful food and little stations and take silly pictures with your friends such as this one:

My freshman year, it was themed around the world, and last year was a Vegas night! This year, we get to enjoy a cruiseliner appearance at the Commons Odyssey!
So, Commons, Friday, February 1 at 9 pm. Be there.  That's certainly where we'll be!

Also, Saturday is going to be a SUPER exciting and busy day! You see, Russian, East European, and Central Asian Club will be having this super exciting thing called a PIEROGI PARTY! What is it? Whoever comes will learn how to make delicious East European pierogi (basically dumplings) with various fillings, like meat, cheese and potatoes, and fruit! Trust me. It'll be fun. And delicious. And free.
Look at the cute little lady to your left! So, Saturday, February 2 starting at 1 pm, in McTyeire Hall. Come grab some free food and learn about other cultures that you might not know to much about! Free. Food. Enough said.

This weekend there will be another great Vandy tradition going on! Vanderbilt's Dance Marathon! It's such a great fundraiser. It really is. All of the proceeds go to the Children's Hospital on campus, there are a ton of acts and activities, and if you can, you should go. And it's an ALL DAY EVENT. Meaning. You can find the time! It starts at 9:00 am and ends at 11:30 pm. Trust me. You can find the time to go enjoy yourself . It's in the Student Life Center. So go be a good person and have a wonderful weekend!

Because those are three wonderful and big events, I'll leave it there. So go have a blast of a weekend, and good luck to everyone with school work! I know it's getting tough, but we can all make it! :) Signing out!

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