Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is it Friday yet?

Hello, you wonderful person, you. This is Rachael, in my very first post on the Defying Gravity blog! It’s an honor, guys.

If you check out my info page at the top of the site, you’ll see that the reason I’m only just now joining in on the fun is because I was in France last semester. And on that note, something is coming up that is of the utmost importance: study abroad applications. Seriously, I can testify that going abroad is a great experience and you should do it if it’s even remotely possible for you. Application deadlines are coming up, and since those applications involve professor recommendations and essays, you really need to get on it!

Here are the deadlines:
For Maymester: January 31
For Summer session: February 4
For Fall semester: February 28
For more information and to start your application, check out the GEO website! JUST DO IT.

You could be on a beach in Southern France RIGHT NOW.

In other news, here are some things you can do this weekend that are fun!

Blair is having a student showcase this Friday the 25th, in Ingram Hall, from 8pm-9:30pm. Come support the incredibly talented students in our music school!

Also on Friday, 4th Fridays at Sarratt will be featuring Vanderbilt Spoken Word! It starts at 8pm in the New Rand Lounge. (If you’re like me and you are completely confused by all this new terminology that comes with the Rand remodel, this is next to Pie and Leaf. Seriously though, New Rand, Old Rand, Upside-down Rand… it’s all New Rand to me.)

On Saturday (the 26th) is an event that everyone (or at least I) have been eagerly awaiting ever since it happened for the first time last year… the Yule Ball! It goes from 7pm-10:30pm in the SLC Ballroom. Tickets are on sale at the Sarratt box office for $8, or they are $10 at the door. And of course I should note that all proceeds from this event go to Books from Birth of Middle Tennessee. And, you know, there will be food there. And the Archive Nights, Tongue n Cheek, The Melodores, and Momentum Dance Company. GET SO EXCITED! Here is the Facebook event page:

If you aren’t too tired from how awesome the Yule Ball is, on Saturday night the International Film Lens Series is showing La Vie En Rose, a French film that will be shown with English subtitles. It starts at 10pm in the Commons Mulipurpose Room.

And if you want to hang out with us in Mayfield 2 (Please hang out with us!): On Friday night, we will be eating dinner at Chuy’s at 5:30pm, then heading back to the Mayf to play Charades, or maybe Apples to Apples, or BS, or something. It'll be great!

Have a lovely end of your week!

And here is a picture of my cat. It'll help you make it to Friday.

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