Monday, January 14, 2013

Catan, Catan, and Warm Weather

Hello Vanderbilt community! Lindsey Franklyn here!

I hope we're all having an exciting (and warm???) weekend back at Vanderbilt University. And I hope your first weekend has started off to a bang because ours certainly has! Samantha Cubbage, our fellow blogger, talked about our Mayfield playing Catan on last Friday, which we did.

The (New) Soviets: Rachael & Patrick
Sheepland: Lindsey and Samantha
Oregon: Nell & Linda.
Portland: Luke & John.
As expected, there were some casualties. Sheepland was blocked in by the iron curtain of the New Soviets. Portland had no choice but to retreat to its ports. Oregon had too much Ore. Even more devastating, Sheepland had a recession of sheep; Sheepland had to trade in order to repopulate its sheep population! (And, because the game lasted almost three hours, we were all left exhausted when it ended).

Remember the days when the weather was beautiful?
Special shout-out to the wonderfully warm weather that occurred this weekend! Looking for something to do if we're lucky enough to get some more warm weather again? Interested in making some spring plans several weeks in advance? Don't fear, Our Mayfield has some suggestions for some warm weather'd fun!
  • Ice-Skating
  • Going to the Zoo
  • Rock Climbing @ Climb Nashville
  • Cliff Diving @ Percy Priest

This is how cold Vanderbilt feels when I walk to class.

And if Vanderbilt looks like this....? You can
  • Go ice-skating (Again!)
  • Make hot chocolate!
  • Watch OUAT (Once Upon a Time)
  • Lock yourself in your room and bundle up (Don't skip class, though)
  • Read a good book.
  • Stock up on milk, eggs, and bread.
  • Make snowshoes.
  • Wear cute hats!
Cute hats like these!
Or this hat!

The weather's been crazy this weekend! Stay warm (or cool?) Vanderbilt, can't wait for my next blog post. Hopefully, it'll be full of hot chocolate, bundling up, and cute hats!

- Lindsey Franklyn

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