Sunday, February 24, 2013

Free Food! (I had some)

Hello, my name is Rachael, and I love free food.

Most of the Mayfield went to John’s Resistance House Band concert on Friday. I hear it was pretty awesome, but unfortunately, I didn’t get to go. However, the reason I didn’t get to go is because I was doing something just as awesome: hosting a high-schooler!! I am a recipient of the Carell Family Scholarship, a scholarship for students who had a part-time job during high school, and each February they invite six or so finalists to Vanderbilt for interviews. It’s always fun to catch up with the other current Carell scholars, and to get to know the finalists for the upcoming freshman class. The only downside is that I always come out of the weekend wishing that all of them could end up winning the scholarship, but only two will be chosen. All of the finalists this year were really wonderful young men and women and I hope that they make it far in life.

The Carell family is a truly remarkable family: Enough money to pay Vanderbilt tuition for at least ten students, generous enough to actually do that as well as countless other charitable acts (like our Children's Hospital!), and yet they are all very down-to-earth and wonderful to go to dinner with.

Anyways, I went to a lot of activities relating to that this weekend, including a big group dinner at J. Alexander’s, froyo at Sweet CeCe’s, Anchorman in a seminar room in Hank, walking around campus, and of course a delicious catered lunch before the interviews started on Saturday. So much free food. So good.


Another thing that happened this weekend was Sam’s lifemap! Spoiler alert: she’s awesome.

Almost as awesome as my cat. Some would even say she is more awesome than my cat.

Then, of course, I went to church on Sunday morning, had Rand brunch with a few friends, delivered some chicken noodle soup, and then spent a very large amount of time behind the counter at Pie and Leaf. I would like to take a moment to ask all of you: Why does everyone and their grandmother go to Leaf on Sunday nights? I don’t understand. Although we were really, really busy, something happened that brightened my entire day. There was a girl coming through the salad line with a huge box of GiGi’s cupcakes. I asked her out of curiosity how many cupcakes fit in this rather large box, and she ended up offering me one! Thank you so much, random stranger! Your cupcake was delicious! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! :)


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