Sunday, October 28, 2012

First Mayfield Event of the Year!

Yes, that's right! This past Saturday we had our first even of the year!
NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD moving screening!

(because it's Halloween)
The event was a huge success! We provided an alternative activity to people who aren't interested in all the homecoming things. Or at least a medium-sized success. A lot of people who have nothing to do with our Mayfield came, no technical probs, everthing was great.
Also, this is actually my first zombie movie. 'Zombie Apocalypse' actually means something to me now!

Enemy of the heir, be ware. 
Oops, wrong quote. 

Ya. This is probably not my favorite genre. I like watching horror films and stuff with friends but I typically spend a substantial amount of time staring at a point on the wall and not the screen. Not a huge fan of gore. And I just find them so distressing!!!

OH speaking of gore, spoiler alert. In 'the night of the living dead', there's this scene where a car exploded and killed two people, and then a bunch of zombies showed up and started picking up the remaining flesh and chewing on them. Don't wanna gross you out or anything, but.

Also, this movie was made in 1968. So, naturally, of course, it has strong male leads and disappointing female characters who don't do anything useful. It's fine. It's 1968. Wasn't expecting world-changing female leads.
I can tell you more details, but my housemates are better zombie experts. We enjoyed the movie.
And we didn't kill each other

Anyways, homecoming weekend has been fun too! A lot of fun stories. So nice seeing all these people coming back and be like, aw that's us in 30 years.

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